Who we help

The recipients of this year’s proceeds from the Annual JR Forever Walk/Run will be donated to:

  • Children’s Brain Tumor Research  2015 marked the first year that the JR Forever Memorial Walk/5K Run began funding research for Pediatric Brain Tumor Research.  There is a very promising program for pediatric glioblastoma multiforme research happening at Duke University Medical Center and the Foundation channels funds to this program.
  • JR’s Ray of Hope  is a committee under the JR Schoen Memorial Foundation, Inc., that supports local families with school-aged children facing serious illness, injury or the loss of a family member.  JR’s Ray of Hope provides confidential supplemental financial assistance to help these families in their time of need. To date, approximately $25,000 has been donated to local families and additional donations were made to Hurricane Sandy victims, the Darien Public School System and various other charities.
  • Past recipients include Post 53, the Weed Beach Redevelopment Project (the Playground by the Sound), the Den for Grieving Kids (part of the Center for Hope), Darien Little League, Darien Youth Lacrosse (to create the JR Schoen Scholarship), The Challenger Program of Darien Little League, Darien Library, the Obie Harrington-Howes Foundation in Memory of Shannon Dunleavy, the Noroton Heights Fire Department, the Darien Junior Sailing Team, the Good Friend Scholarship in Memory of JR and Jacob and others.


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